We started 1999 in Germany...

"El Faro" is a nonprofit organization for victims and survivors of sexual abuse and violence.


We have dedicated our lives to helping others cope with their abuse and are professionally trained to work as health practitioners with the special fields of trauma and psychosomatic.


Not only have we survived but we have also fully recovered from such dreadful past and know by experience what it takes to break free of this vicious circle.

And are now aiming for a worldwide community.

We wish to build a community strengthening survivors worldwide, giving everyone seeking help, love and genuine understanding a place to turn to. Only a real survivor of such trauma can truly understand the pain inflicted from sexual abuse and violence.


What does "El Faro" mean?

"El Faro" is Spanish and means "lighthouse".


Why lighthouse?


Imagine you are at sea, far away from the coastline, the sky darkens - a storm is coming. At some point you only have the lighthouse`s light shining throughout this darkness, showing you the way back to safety.


This is the very feeling each member of our team had when we finally found actual help concerning the aftermath of the abuse. Our organization was established 1999 in Hamburg, Germany. Today you can also find us in Berlin, Hannover and Leese.


We continue to expand.

Our Mission

With our counselling, self-help groups and workshops we wish to give you as a survivor the possibility to change your life, break free from the often invisible intent an offender planted into the hearts of their victims and finally find, accept and love yourself again. Having survived such fate ourselves we have committed ourselves in helping you be free too.

We believe all survivors can embrace who they truely are,
can define their own future, and can therefore change the world.

Survivors are strong - never doubt it!

We Need Your Support Today!

El Faro Worldwide

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