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As every of our voluntary survivor support workers have experienced an abusive past and have been trained and registered as German Heilpraktiker (non-medical practitioner) with the special field of trauma and psychosomatic, we are familiar with the various types of abuse and their consequences, understand the psychological background and know how differently people or their families deal with this trauma. Many of our experts have been working in this area for over a decade and have successfully dealt with various cases from all over the world.

The impact of a crime such as sexual abuse or violence can last a lifetime, but it doesn’t have to. We know what steps are needed to be taken, if a survivor wishes to find his or her true freedom, for many victims feel too imprisoned by shame, guilt and doubt and many perpetrators do not simply stop committing their crimes. Even if they do, the copycats inflicting the same pain a victim had to already experience might make an entrance.

In one-to-one discussions we adapt to the individual needs of our clients and adjust our help accordingly. In self-help groups we support and guide our participants in clearing the problems at hand.

We always provide assistance as quickly as possible and with love and respect, because we have and never will forget what it’s like to have once been broken, defiled and traumatized.

Never give up!

Life is worth the fight!

Sexual abuse and violence are problems far greater than our society mostly realizes.

We wish to create a deep apprehension of this trauma and its consequences, since only what you truely can understand you are able to change!

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